Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Inclusion of agricultural equipments and farm machineries is very vital and essential for the whole farming and agricultural sector. Tractor, combine, mower, cultivator, baler, sprayer, planter, and skid loader etc. are the common examples of agricultural equipments and farm machineries but there are also a number of different types of agricultural equipments and farm machineries which greatly help the overall process of cultivation, farming and agriculture. Under the category of 3 point equipments, there comes many agricultural and farm equipments such as 3 point compact tractor equipment, 3 point ground engaging equipment, 3 point cutters & hay handling equipment, 3 point landscaping & utility equipment and 3 point post hole digging equipment etc. whereas many spraying equipments are also manufactured by companies. Examples of these agricultural sprayers and spraying equipments are pull-behind sprayers, skid sprayers, sprayer rigs, spot sprayers, sprayer pumps, roller pumps, 12 volt pumps, sprayer cleaners, defoamer, ATV & UTV sprayers, various sprayer parts and accessories, sprayer guns, wandsother sprayer, sprayer valves, sprayer fittings, connectors, sprayer gauges, prayer hoses, tubing sprayer, strainers sprayer, tips sprayer, and tanks and many other farming accessories. A part from the above mentioned agricultural equipments, there are many hydraulic cylinders, hubs, sprockets and chains used during agricultural and farming operations.

Farm Machinery

Farm machineries are also known as agricultural machineries. The most notable brands in agricultural and farming machineries include CASE IH, Caterpillar, Claas, John Deere, Krone, Kubota, Kuhn, Landaco, Lely, Lamborghini, Massey Ferguson and New Holland etc. The commonly used agricultural and Cotton Seed Meal and equipments include baler, combine, chisel plow, cotton picker, mower, row planter, seed drill, sprayer and tractor etc. These all types of listed and unlisted farming and agricultural machineries are used during routine and different stages of operation of a farm and agricultural area all over the world. Examples of other farm machineries and agriculture equipments include beet harvester, beet cleaner loader, bean harvester, cane harvester, carrot puller, chaser bin, combine harvester, conveyor belt, corn harvester, cotton picker, fanning mill, farm truck, forage harvester (also known as silage harvester), gleaner, grain cleaner, gravity wagon, haul-out transporter, over-the-row mechanical harvester for harvesting apples, potato digger, potato harvester, rice huller, sickle, sugarcane harvester, and swather and winnower etc. During soil cultivation, various farm and agricultural machineries are used such as rotavator, cultivator, cultipacker, chisel plow, harrow, spike harrow, drag harrow, disk harrow, plough, power tiller (also known as rotary tiller and rototiller), spading machine, sub-soiler, two-wheel tractor, stone picker (rock picker), and rock windrower (rock rake) etc. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is also known as animal science all over the world. In many parts of the world, animal husbandry is also called as stockbreeding while in some regions the term ‘husbandry’ directly refers to animal husbandry most of the time. In the world of agricultural and agronomy, animal husbandry is all about breeding or simply raising livestock in simpler terms. Other Animal Husbandry Equipment is very essential for the world of agriculture and agronomy and this is the phenomenon of animal husbandry which greatly facilitates, promotes and invigorates the entire agricultural, cultivation and farming processes and procedures. Animal Husbandry Equipment, as a matter of fact, is quite common and supposed to be a vital element in all parts of the world which significantly rely on animal husbandry to support their entire agricultural sector. Animal husbandry, in such a modern period of time, has been emerged as a separate and specialized field. In other words, animal husbandry or stockbreeding has become a distinctive field of taking care of domestic animals. Animal husbandry is so important field as it is also related with a number of food and product sources in all parts of the world. Animal husbandry is blessing for the nations and we should take care of our domestic animals in order to support our own lives


Agrochemicals are also called agrichemicals in many parts of the world. Agrochemicals or agrichemicals are usually referred for a wide range of chemicals used during different stages of agricultural pursuits. These agrochemicals or agrichemicals are commonly known by different names and categories such as pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. The smart and intelligent usage of agrochemicals strengthens the overall agricultural services to the maximum and using these eco friendly agrochemicals produces various benefits and advantages not only for the farmers and peasants but for the entire humanity as well. Almost all rare and common crops and cultivations are greatly supported by using different types and forms of agrochemicals in almost all parts of the world. These crops are Soybeans, wheat, maize, sugar beet, fruits, rice, coffee, sugar, potato and barley and so on. There are also vary precautions for using different agrochemicals as blind usage and application of randomly selected agrochemicals may also result in deterioration of the field and crop including the whole environment as well. These agrochemicals are distributed and supplied by certified and licensed suppliers and distributors and going for inferior and low quality agrochemicals during any stage of agricultural operation is very dangerous and harmful on the whole.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Agricultural Services

Apart from pest control, fumigation and field inspection, there are many more agricultural services provided by many agriculture based companies and firms. These other agricultural services also include services like farming, gardening, tillage, nutrient management and water management and marketing as well. These all Agriculture Products Processing, as listed above, are basically meant to facilitate and promote farming businesses and its always essential and inevitable for professional farmers and peasants to get the most of the all available agricultural services as provided by leading names and companies in the world of agriculture and cultivation. These all pure Agriculture Projects, in all parts of the world, are greatly facilitated by specialized agricultural products also. These all forms and types of agricultural services and agricultural products help in cultivations of various leading crops such as rice, sugar, wheat, coffee, fruits, potato, sugar beet, soybean, maize and barley and all that. There are many subsistence techniques that widely are used to support whole agricultural exercises all over the world. These subsistence techniques, widely used in the world of agriculture and agronomy, include foraging (hunting and gathering techniques), artisan fishing, horticulture, subsistence agriculture, pastoralism, pastoral nomadism, agro-pastoralism or transhumance, ranch agriculture, redistribution, reciprocity, potlatching and local exchange trading systems (LETS).